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About Us

Universal Machinery Group


We supply spare parts for rock drilling machinery, drifters, rock breakers, concrete pumps and so on..
Our aim is to supply our parts to our valued clients with the best quality, with short respond time and short delivery time.
According to our research on the internet, we cannot find any other sources for easy access to spare part contents of rock drilling machinery, drifters, rock breakers, concrete pumps.
As a result of this, we now present UMG PARTS as a database of spare parts for the mentioned machinery.
In this database, we intend to make it easy for you to find parts and order any products in our catalog with fast respond time and safest delivery to anywhere in the world.

Quality Guarantee

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials. Our production team is always on board with their detailed design and delicate production process. The parts go through a strict quality control process and reaches to your place in perfect condition. Because of our satisfaction-oriented approach, we offer money back or exchange guarantee on any production defects.

World-wide Shipping

As Universal Machinery Group, we send our products to every corner of the world without problems. If you want, we can find the best priced cargo to your door and deliver our parts in good condition. Or we can send your products that you have purchased from us, with your preferred Logistics or Cargo Company. We use, DHL, TNT, UPS for express cargo and also use the other methods of transportation which include Road Transport, Air Cargo, and Sea Freight for heavier parts…